Nasty Secrets They Don\'t Want You To Know

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It seems unbelievable at first,Hydralyft that many skin creams have ingredients that could harm your skin. I found out that ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrances and dioxanes are chemicals which could harm my skin.


Then I checked in the skin care cream aisle at the store, and they all had several of these nasty chemicals. The reason why the big companies use potentially harmful chemicals is because they are cheap and easy to deal with, since they have long shelf life These chemicals are still legal, and will mostly not harm you right away, but after using them for some time they can have really serious health effects. Why gamble?


If you see a skin care cream with an ingredient that is proven to be very effective for your problem, you're going to want to buy it, right?Many big companies know this, and take advantage of it by putting the absolute minimum amount of the effective ingredient. This way they can put the powerful ingredient on the label, and make a lot of money.


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