Work Online And Make Money By Understanding How Customers Behave

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Online buyers are always looking forSecret Online Goldmine information about products and services that they are interested in buying. With the internet, the press, television, billboards and celebrity endorsements, there is no shortage of places for them to gather information. With the advent of the internet and sites such as Google, it has become so easy and fast for customers to find detailed information on anything they want. This is why the majority of people choose the internet to find out about products and services. This is the research phase of the buying cycle.

While some people know what they want and simply buy it, the majority of customers like to think about it first and enter the decision phase. This will normally involve them looking at a number of similar products or services before deciding which one best meets their needs. This is where a good quality review site which compares similar products and offers helpful information can encourage the customer to make a purchase.

The key phase for internet marketers is the action phase when the customer makes a purchase. This is the exciting part when the buying cycle is completed with a visitor becoming a customer. It is very difficult to change a customers mind once they reach this final stage as they are ready to buy having done their research and made a decision.

One of the reasons very broad general search terms do not convert well is because they attract customers at the very beginning of the buying cycle. However more detailed search terms are being used by people who are further along the buying cycle. For example a person searching under the term "BMW Cars" may still be interested in buying several different makes of cars while a person searching under the term "2005 BMW 325i convertible" is a much more serious buyer who knows what he wants. This person is about to enter the action phase of their buying cycle and is a lot easier to convert into a customer.



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