Futon Beds Function And Style

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It seems like everyone, at one point orZz Snore another in their lives, has owned a futon bed. Oddly enough, not that many people are aware that futon is a Japanese term, and refers to an item very similar to the one we know in western cultures. In Japan, a futon is a mattress and quilt that is pliable enough that the owner might fold it up and stow it away when not in use. Really not so different from what we know. For some reason though, we have decided that the futon is something that should be on display even when we don't have house guests invading our space. The westernized version, as I'm sure you know, is basically just what was described as the Japanese futon, but large enough so that when folded in half, it can provide both the seat and backrest of a sofa. Before we move on, I'll just share a quick little fact I learned about futons recently. Apparently, according to Japanese lore, futons were originally constructed by samurai who couldn't master sword play... pretty rotten consolation prize, haha.

Anyway, getting back to futons and why they matter to you. As mentioned, in western cultures, the common futon bed is one what doubles as a sofa. These futon sofa beds have a number of selling points. Chief among them is their cost. This product basically captures for you a guest bed along with a sofa at a price that is a fraction of what you'd pay for either one of those things. At roughly $300, it is no wonder that this product has made so much headway with the younger generation.

The next selling point, and this is a point of contention, is that they are very appealing stylistically. They may not be making headway in any of the top designer magazines or whatnot, but they offer a very simple design, and they don't require a ton of labor for manufacturers to produce them; hence, they are a reasonably stylish option that can be had on a budget. Now, when we get into the futon bunk beds and so forth, it might be a different story, but for the most part their simplicity not only appeals to people on that fact that it is simple, but also the simplicity allows it to be dressed up with blankets, pillows, etc. for a more personal touch.




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