The Favorite Food Diet Review: Is This Weight Loss Program For Real?

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Chubby belly fat is both unsightly and unhealthy, but The Favorite Food Diet Review oh so much fun to develop. I mean who couldn't go for a large meal at the Cheesecake factory. But there comes a time when one must pay the piper and that time is best sooner rather than later. If you allow your chubby belly fat to remain and even grow in your body, you'll only increase its unsightlyness and raise your chances of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke not to mention the side effects of these conditions. As you can see, it is much better to pay the piper now and get rid of your chubby belly fat than flirt with the grim reaper later.


Chubby belly fat is dangerous because it is an indicator of high levels of triglycerides in your blood and elevated levels of insulin. Since the blood supply to your chubby belly fat drains directly into your liver, it inhibits the liver's ability to process insulin which creates a vicious cycle of more insulin in your blood stream which causes you to store more fat.


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