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When I first started out trying to figure out theFibo Quantum Scalper Internet marketing game, I spent hours trying to figure out what to do. I went on forums, created pages and tried to understand what SEO even meant. (Optimizing people searching for you on the Internet) and, it was like greek. I eventually figured out I needed a marketing process. I needed a capture page, landing page, blog, needed to write articles and some type of social media. But how can I do this was the question I had. I spent money, tried to write articles and got minimal results.

This time I needed a marketing process to promote a primary business and I went straight to the experts and found out what they did and now I am an expert too. I am not so smart that I mastered the Internet because of my brains. I found a step by step marketing process and I hope I can help anyone struggling with what they are trying to do.

So simple as a recipe I am writing a marketing process with 5 basis steps to get market on the Internet without spending thousands of dollars and years of time trying to figure it out.Have a good primary business to offer. Do some research and make sure the company has some survivorship and is in a good financial position. Make sure you believe in the product or service you are offering and find a good team of leaders who can guide you both online and off. Make sure it is affordable and it does offer a great marketing process to follow!

Get into a lead system generating company that has proven results with good leadership. This will allow you to set up your capture page to get leads, sales page and help you get domains, and give you a step by step plan to market your business fast. The company will offer training and help you with all of the steps. Your marketing process here should be affordable too. There are some companies that charge a lot more for the same thing. 





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