Pure Natural Research\'s Blood Sugar Formula Review - Will It Help To Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level?

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The second model deals with genetic manipulation of fatty acid metabolism. A wide range of manipulations have been performed and studied with varied phenotypic changes inflicted upon the mouses' body. For instance, targeting the null allele of Dgat or Acc-2 will result in the mouse being lean and resistant to obesity. This means that no matter what the mouse is fed, it will not gain a considerable amount of adipose tissue. On the other hand, targeting the null allele of Ppar will result in hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis, decreased expression of fatty acid oxidation genes, and cold intolerance. These negative phenotypic changes in the mouse genetically predestine it to become obese.

Through the use of such models described above, researchers have been able to key in on the exact genes which can cause someone to have a propensity for insulin resistance, diabetes type 2, and obesity. But how can one relate nutritional considerations to genetic makeup? If someone has a certain defect/variant of one of the known causes for a negative phenotype, how can individualized nutrition help to blunt the effects of one's genotype. 




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