Dealing With Emotional Eating For Weight Loss Success

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This is a big change for a person that hasQuantum Fat Burning System probably spent many years trying to lose weight and become healthy. Personally, I think that it is important to spend time on the mental aspects of controlling overeating before having this surgery. It is easy to teach a person about proper diet and what exercise is necessary to keep the body and heart healthy. It is much harder to deal with our emotions in a positive manner and to teach a person about avoiding compulsive overeating.


With the media today, I find it hard to believe that people don't have some idea what is healthy and what is not. I don't see lack of knowledge as the problem. I see the problem being with the fast paced and highly emotional society that we exist in. Today, we are under a great deal of stress on a regular basis, using food to manage this stress or any other emotions will lead to excess pounds. Food is a source of great comfort to many people. It is one thing in our lives that we are in control of unlike many other things that we deal with daily.

Another thing that puts us at risk is the fast pace that we live today. We do not have the time that we had many years ago to prepare a healthy meal (or we don't think we do) and as a result the local fast food drive through becomes a very attractive option to us. And since most of us thrive on convenience, we use the drive through more often than we should. However, in recent years even fast food restaurants offer options that are healthy. All we have to do is select these healthy options.


The emotional eating issue is not nearly as cut and dried as most of the other changes you will be making to get to a healthy weight. It is a lot like being sad or depressed. Even though these are unpleasant feelings, we don't always know how to move past them. The best way to learn to deal with emotions and feelings is through counseling or other support systems. This will most likely be your biggest challenge... getting past eating emotionally.


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