Will A Nail Fungus Home Remedy Really Cure Toenail And Fingernail Fungus? - USA Sips

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As a podiatrist I often see examples where the patient hasn't realised that they have the condition, often putting it down to being a simple case of dry skin. They then try to treat it with a moisturising foot cream which is really unhelpful as it closes the area in a moist space, an environment that fungal spores love and can thrive in, so it actually makes the situation worse.When it begins. it usually starts with discomfort between the 4th and 5th toes and the initial symptoms will be an itching sensation and when scratched, soft skin may come away leaving the sensitive raw skin underneath exposed, which can be an excellent entry point for bacterial infection to get in a take hold.The condition can then spread to the other spaces between the toes of both feet and may spread around the borders of the feet, called a 'moccasin effect', and the soles of the feet as well. 




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