Smelly Feet Why Your Feet Smell Bad

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If we understand what makes our feet smell bad weJapanese Toe Nail Fungus Code can easily see why it is a hard condition to get rid of. Feet smell bad because of bacteria feeding off the sweat being expelled by our sweat glands.


There are over two hundred thousand sweat glands on each of our two feet. These sweat glands produce a lot of sweat and if we wear socks and air tight shoes, we are bound to have smelly feet. If you are one of those people who take your shoes off, and people run away, then you probably have smelly feet.


It is hard to fix foot odour because we can't really stop our feet from sweating. What we can do is to control the amount of sweat that builds up around our feet. Our feet are typically trapped in shoes and socks for over 8 hours a day. Sweat builds up in the socks and on the inside of the shoes.


Bacteria is attracted to the sweat-soaked socks and shoes. Bacteria have a feeding frenzy off the sweat and then excrete waste which has a very bad smell. Our body only allows certain bacteria to survive on the outer skin of our bodies. Different people have different smells because different kinds of bacteria are allowed to live on our skin.


Remember that washing your feet at least once a day is vital for removing any nasty smells. Spraying perfume or fancy sprays to cover the smell of your feet is probably going to make it worse. The smell mixes with the foot odour to produce a weird smell that probably smells just as bad or even worse than the original foot odour.


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