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Our office uses an orthotics lab based in Idaho Springs, CO. Extreme Fungus Hack Review Footwerks is run by a Certified Pedorthists who is also an expert in lower body biomechanics. The difference between these orthotics and other so called custom orthotics has a lot to do with the process that goes along with casting. 


Not only do you have a foam cast taken of your foot while semi-weight bearing with the entire lower extremity and foot placed in neutral, there is also a functional exam that takes approximately 30 minutes which includes a gait analysis that looks at each individual segment from the foot to the pelvis and how they interact. Lastly a pressure print of your foot is taken to see how you distribute your weight when you walk. This last part shows us the function of the lower extremity and gives us a better idea of where the biggest problem your foot has and which are just compensations to that problem.


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