Your Home Wind Generator

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There are a lot of wind generator kits and sets availableElectricity Freedom System in the market today. There are a wide variety of sizes and type homeowners can choose from. A lot of companies have come up with their own offers and some claim to have characteristics that would make you buy on impulse. Research well on these products first to be sure that it would work best for you. For example, some claim to produce wattage and yet the conditions where there test wind turbine is a lot different from where you will set it up.


Most homeowners who have set up wind generators have installed their turbines on towers that are high. This is because the laws of physics state that the speed at which air moves goes slower when it is closer to the ground and a lot faster higher up.


The basic components of a wind turbine include the tower, rotor, propeller, and generator which create the electricity. A back up battery system can also be included as it becomes useful in storing excess power. As the wind in the air increases, the propeller turns a lot quicker and the higher the turbine is from the ground, the stronger the wind. This would result to more electricity.


If you decide to build your own wind turbine, you can opt to increase the size of the propeller blades in order to also increase the power it generates. The design of the generator you will have installed should be able to turn sideways in high winds. This should enable the blades that are usually vertical to the access of the turbine to change or reduce the wind load amount it experiences. If you luckily live in a windy area, your wind generator should have a backup battery system or it should be attached to your local power grid so that you can store excess power for days when there is minimal wind. The connection to the power grid will allow you to sell electricity to local electric providers.


Once it is fully set up and functioning, your wind generator will surely benefit you by significantly reducing your electrical costs. You would just have to ensure an annual maintenance procedure for it to ensure it function well all throughout.


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