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In a concentrated word study, we discover many traditional  Dream Life Mastery Review word evolvements to have strayed from the ancient usage. Therefore, when we read ancient articulation with modern definition, we find many words used out of the original context. Here, with no ax to be ground, readers can be confident of the syllogistic reasoning leading to a correct definition for Grace and Works. In biblical context, as sequenced, they mean time and ordinance observance.


Recent study uncovers many such perversions of original definition and intent; it behooves the reader to suspicion modern usage and consult Strong's or other Bible Concordances often. Lisa got a phone call from a friend in need. It seems they had moved into a new house about a year ago. The house had been on the market for several years do to a family tragedy and had gone into foreclosure. They bought the house and began doing some work on it. That is when they began to experience things. What things. well, it started with objects like keys being moved, then doors opening and closing and eventually it got to the point where everyone in the house new there was a spirit there, they could feel him watching them. The husband especially began to experience sadness, the mother deep heart pains.




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