Ringworm In Humans

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They have been able to identify the active components  Naturacel Anti Aging Skin Cream Review  and understand why the ancient remedies work. Wakame for example contains unique antioxidants that help protect against sunburn as well as vitamins and minerals that support the skin's health. Functional Keratin is a naturally occurring protein but it took years of research to learn how to soften it without destroying it.For maintaining healthy skin you need moisture. Functional Keratin will improve your skin's moisture content and even its ability to retain moisture. That has been proven scientifically.


Is petroleum jelly a natural healthy skin remedy? If you believe the advertising and marketing claims you might think so. Here are the facts.Petroleum jelly is derived from a byproduct of the processes used to convert crude oil into gasoline. Petrolatum is white petroleum jelly. Mineral oil is the liquefied form. Paraffin is the waxy state of the compound.


All of the ingredients are supposed to be purified. Some manufacturers say that their petroleum jelly is "triple-purified". There is no longer a patent on the compounds. Those expired long ago. So there are many store brands and generics available. Whether or not the store brands are purified is anyone's guess.


Technically crude oil is a naturally occurring substance. Petroleum jelly or petrolatum occurs naturally as a byproduct of a process developed by man. So it is something of a gray area. There is no law against marketing petroleum jelly as a natural healthy skin remedy. The terms have no legal definitions.When it comes to safety as long as the compounds are carefully purified there should be no remnants of the toxins present in crude oil. On the other hand some dermatologists have warned against the use of the compounds for several reasons.




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